Black Rose Mask

Angelica of recently shared how she uses the Black Rose Mask + we thought how lovely it would be to share with all of you!

Black Rose is formulated with three types of nourishing clay, activated charcoal + a plethora of crushed rose petals. A proprietary blend that pulls dirt + bacteria right out of your pores, while refining + exfoliating your skin. This dry mask is packaged without liquid ingredients to extend shelf life while allowing you to mix however you prefer. Every body is different, so many skin types react to clay masks differently. This is why Black Rose is formulated to promote your best blend.

I highly recommend mixing in a separate container, with a hydrating oil or serum + toning floral waters. 

Angelica chose to utilize Golden + Vapeur.

First you will add your desired amount to a small dish. Try using a vintage tea plate or decorative small bowl. Part of the ritual is mindfully selecting how you will dedicate the five or twenty minutes to yourself, fully. So use whatever calls to you and feels like a beautiful addition to this mask. Try not to rush, just breathe slowly + focus inward as your body moves and prepares Black Rose.

Mix dry mask with half oil, half hydrosol, or any combination that your skin feels best with. 

Apply to clean dry skin, using a brush or  just your fingers to coat your entire face (avoiding the eyes of course) with a thin layer of the mask, also apply to your decolletage. 

Allow to dry, you may feel a tightening. If you have very sensitive skin rinse as soon as you feel a slight dryness to the mask. 

Your routine after the mask is just as important as the application. Your skin will be thirsty and your pores will be open. Activated charcoal draws dirt and bacteria out, leaving you clean + ready to moisturize. Once the mask is fully washed away with warm water, close your pores while hydrating with the ancient power of rose water with VAPEUR. 

Once your face is dry, apply a generous amount of any one of Svanur serums to hydrate. Angelica chose GOLDEN to add a perfect glow to her fresh face. 

This cleansing ritual can not only deeply cleanse your skin, but if you allow yourself to dive deep into the moment, it can also align you with your inner voice. It is important more than ever we all slow our minds, as often as we are able. Soften the ever noisy buzz of busyness and to do lists. Quietly connect, check in and tune into our self awareness. It can be as simple as a five minute what are you waiting for? Black Rose is waiting for you.....


Special thanks to Angelica of The Ghost Ballet. You can find Svanur products in her magical shop- Black Rose on the delicate beauty Angelica

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