Full Moon on Crown Hill Farm

There are times in life potent people sweep through your path and you know deep in your belly there is something asking, something brewing, something waiting to unfurl and yet time drifts, aligning whatever is necessary even in the unseen before the true offering which began as a mere whispering can be revealed.

I met with Missy, owner of Crown Hill Farm and so much more (land stewardess, farmer, coach, mentor, connector, potent spirit, leader and heart expander to name a few) a year or so ago through a beloved mutual friend, who I have shared about before blogging became background in the Women We Admire series: Laurel Flynn, I immediately felt connected and as I often, well always do, I began dreaming and seeing all the opportunity that pours over me whenever energies commune beyond our bodies to the realms of feeling. We spoke about so many exciting ways we could collaborate, how we could combine our work to share in heart, but first the school of life had more in store for us. We both spent lots of time working on what was presently calling while always trusting our time to work together would come when ready. I am so excited to say that the universe has gifted us the portal opening once more. Dyeing & Dining under the full harvest moon in celebration of all that is, now, here, abundantly.

Exploring relationship, community, creation and nourishment upon beloved, sacred landscape to celebrate the ever powerful full harvest moon in beauty. 

We will be hand dyeing aprons with plants we forage as well as concentrated plant dye and floral waste to learn the unique vibrations, energetics and colors various techniques can deliver. 

Following our time exploring, connecting and creating you will be treated to a nourishing meal incorporating foods grown on the land as well as prepared by Missy herself, a way to care for mind, body and spirit. 

We are really looking forward to what unfurls. Tickets are available now and seats are limited. 

Join us here...


Locally grown abundance Historic house at Crown Hill Farm

Photograph of a dye class offered at MuseJar taken by The Blackbird Photography

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