Swept into Neverland.....

A world made up of dreams, where all things good + extraordinary exist and one can completely unravel into their truest, free self. 

We walked upon dew kissed earth right before the heavy rains washed us away. The golden sun appeared just as the camera focused. A collection of strong women. A coven of driven spirits. The passion I have for empowerment has overflowed into my vision for marketing and advertisement. I am committed to featuring women in my community who exude beauty in all ways. Instead of stark, rigid photo-shoots, I aim to facilitate a healing moment between kindred souls. I seek to align my heart with every facet of business. Recently I gathered with seven strong women, who own businesses that are steeped in passion, that support and lift others. Seven women who have formed lives straight from the heart. In the coming months, I will be highlighting each woman in a blog post, with questions about their journey and their inner beauty to share with all of you. I am really excited about this project, it adds a depth I crave to the branding world. I have always done things differently, and I embrace that fully. 


So much gratitude to each woman involved. First and foremost Kathy Rybacki-Qualiana for providing a most magical space for all of us to gather and rise. Kathy is dedicated to women healing and tapping into their truths. Her property is overwhelmingly transformative, there was no other place that this could have transpired. Thank you for sharing. Lindsey Robinson photography for being able to capture my day dreams, Lindsey was able to show up, kick off her shoes and melt right into the vision. I speak in whimsical terms that can be hard to follow for most, but Lindsey got me right away. She connected with everyone and was just the perfect fit to this mystical day. Katie Mann of Trippy Chick Make Up who completely harnesses the importance of natural beauty in my vision. Katie is kind, smart, funny and so very talented. A permanent member of Svanur dream team. Finally, a thank you to all of the women who closed their stores or rearranged their lives to spend an entire day hidden in meadows, connecting with sisterhood, reading oracle cards, sipping on Italian sodas, skipping through golden rod fields + jumping in puddles. These women that dedicated their precious time are truly all I had hoped for. We came together in a way that simply cannot be captured with words. 

Everlasting love

Sue Morrale + Ciara Morrale of HerStory + HerSanctuary herstorybuffalo.com 



Megan Callahan owner of Yoga Parkside yogaparkside.com

Drift away....

Laurel Flynn Tarot reader + Intuitive artist LaurelFlynn.com



Come away with us.....to Neverland





Lindsey Robinson Photography


Private residence ;

Kathy Rybacki- Qualiana

Make up + hair artistry-

Katie Mann ; Trippy Chick Makeup


Private collection ; Magnolia Pearl

Lizzys By 1864 Boutique

Skin + Body Care-




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