The way we advertise......

As I sit to type this all out, I delete the words, then start again, over and over. It can be difficult to stuff a million thoughts into a tiny square, my mind is sort of a Mary Poppins carpet bag of energy, you know the one where she can endlessly pull things out of it you would never expect? 

With the rebranding and work of Svanur, it was clear to me as always to utilize local, woman owned businesses in building my own. That is where Ginny Rose Stewart comes in. She is a woman I admire, her talent, her passion, her love. Working with Ginny over the years has evolved from model + photographer (once upon a time I dabbled in modeling and was lucky enough to meet Ginny at a runway show here in Buffalo) to post partum doula help, to friend, to business associate. I knew when I wanted to grow my brand that Ginny was the one to turn to. We spent many meetings, where I was supposed to be her pp doula, chatting about the brand growth, changes and refining process. Ginny dealt so graciously with my whimsical visions, explanations and whirlwind life that calls me in so many directions, not only did she deal with me, she understood. That alone makes her worth her weight in gold. And we havent even started about her talent and eye for photography. 

While deciding on models, I really felt called to use women who dont pose for pictures professionally, I wanted to showcase women in my communnity, women I find beautiful for a myriad of reasons. Women who arent all one size, or color or shape. Women who are strong, smart, amazing in all sorts of ways. I fully know models are all of these things, I just wanted my advertising to be a bit different, because if I am true to myself, I always do things a bit differently. When I think of advertising, there is a lot to be desired, to not just value someone on their physical body but all of their beauty, all of the energies that swirl around them that create a vortex only they can create. That is what I want in my advertising. 


So after planning and meetings and inspiration boards, we met one perfect Wednesday afternoon, in a magical garden by a castle, and wove together this dream. 

In the months to come I will be featuring each model in a blog post, to highlight reasons they were featured, and trust me you want to stay tuned! So here are a few highlights of that gorgeous day in July......

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