Community supported dreams

Community Supported Agriculture:

A garden for the new world.

Years ago I spent days, weeks, months completely unsure how I would survive a world that had never kept me safe. As I gained the strength to leave an abusive relationship the realities of how what, where was so loud it became suffocating. At this point I had already begun focusing on urban farming, it was a sort of grief work to tend to the soil, to tend to the mystery, to pour myself into something I could see move, change, become as the rest of my life died away, composting itself into a future of dreams. Farming became my survival, to provide for my family, myself, to share the beauty and that which moves me beyond language or cultural conditioning. Deep into my first real season as an earth steward, I was hiking with a dear friend, I told them my hearts strongest desire was to provide a space where anyone who needs it can come to be surrounded by the gifts of our planet, space where those who have been in circumstances which left them uncertain could gain skills in self-sufficiency, a respite, safety. I was entirely unsure how this would ever be possible, a single mother with no bank account, no “real” job, no savings, no community, just hope, soil and seeds. 

Four years later I sit here meadow side typing this, on a property which can feed many. An arriving, a becoming, birthing. My heart races as it has since I was a child when I think of what I desire, what visions are coming in strongest that I cannot deny as purpose or passion or calling. Now the space is alive, the idea is solidified and the work of new life begins. Just when I thought I got to someplace, here I am again arriving. The visions of outbuildings housing those escaping abusive dynamics of our society, working communal gardens filled with food, flowers, herbs and dyes. Everything we need right here, grown in love and reciprocity, dance constantly in my mind. A deep meditation in patience, allowing and surrendering.  So here we are, all together, a new era where we shape the future to benefit all beings. A garden for the new world and here is how it can be-

Dreamland is in its infancy now, so it will take many hands to build what wants to be. Community-supported agriculture allows us all to meet our needs with ease. I am not personally driven by profits but more a feeling. We all deserve safety, nourishment, stability. For so long I had to and still do lean on my community and Dreamland is no different. Community gardens, work exchanges, sliding scale pricing, it’s all possible here. Whatever you need, we have the ability to provide. 

In the 2021 growing season, the vision is to have a three sisters garden and market garden for food sharing in addition to the flower, herb, and dye fields. If you desire access to these offerings and would be open to trading time, let’s talk! 6, 8, 12-hour work trades are available, you can arrive 1-3x per week to work the fields with us, learning the land, resting by the creek, forming community in return you can pick what you need from our communal garden spaces and leave nourished of spirit, mind, and body. 

The idea is to be operating fully on reciprocity. This takes donations of time and physical needs to the farm in order to build our ability to share freely. If work trade is not your bag then sliding scale pricing is available as well! Depending on your needs we can offer prices that support you and our farm with ease. Donations of CSAs are accepted and given to BIPOC folx first and foremost. 

Part of land stewarding is recognizing the white supremacist basis of modern agricultural practices, land ownership in itself is a colonizer concept in which I am currently dismantling and learning new ways to approach this reality. 

This is our saving grace and the intention and desire has always been to share it as a home to everyone who needs it. 

While we explore our infancy I surrender to sharing the ideas freely and trusting the universe will form what it needs. The land knows best, and I am just here to protect and love it. 

If you would be interested in a CSA share, sliding scale pricing, work-trade or donations to the cause please send along an email to, and let’s dream a big dream, let’s shape the world we desire seed by seed. 

Xoxo your local flower witch,