Dream a little dream....

Midwifing beauty through landscape, energy, and community; whole heart reciprocity. 

Botanical alchemy & Earth magick offerings inspired by the breathtaking impermanence and holy gift of seasons shifting, the reflection of our own humanness through nature, mirroring understanding and healing through playing, creating, experiencing, cultivating, dreaming and being. 

Pieces of tangible beauty translated through plant medicines for mind, body & spirit. Honoring the source and all beings who reside upon it.

Botanical alchemy intentionally crafted channeled offerings transmuted through organic, plant based, mindfully and honorably harvested and grown ingredients in Eden, New York. Small batch physical and metaphysical support, flowers & herbs grown organically on Dreamland, flora infused fiber art + ritual workshops honoring the earth and power of creation, community in beauty. 
Dreamland is the manifestation of a lifetime of plant worship, ever evolving artistry + intuitive presence. Seeking mindfulness in connection to our every day motions. Allowing for pause, reflection and the invitation to be here now, to be lovingly in this moment, to honor the present.