Dream a little dream....

Community through connection, curiosity, integrity, dream weaving, nourishment and biodiversity.

Dreamland is rooted in possibility, the alchemy of creating what we seek through devotion, attention, commitment and flexibility.
A space where we all may be free, held, loved and fed in all ways.
Dreamland is a growing collective community, inclusive, based in mutual aid and prioritizing safety of all who come to be on the land.
On 14 acres of Haudenosaunee territory. Land respected, held and stewarded by myself and many as we decolonize and create space for new ways, working in relationship to return the land to those who it belongs to completely. 
Here at Dreamland we grow relationship to everything. Heirloom, organic foods to nourish the body, Ceremony and Ritual to feed the spirit being, Beauty and Skill to build our confidence, keep soft our hearts and strengthen our earthly sovereignty. 
We believe that the dreams we seek are possible and we can use this time and space to grow hope in reality. 
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