Dreamland Market CSA

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Community supported agriculture, a communal share of beauty.

Homegrown flowers, dyestuffs, and herbs. 

Gifts from the land in the form of beauty and nourishment. Fruit from the orchard when we have plenty, parcels from the garden when it gives abundantly. 

Medicine for mind, body and spirit. 

Mindfully and wholeheartedly grown 

Pick up on farm or in downtown Buffalo available every week to suit your needs. Beginning when spring first blossoms in June and lasting well into autumn as October unwinds. This CSA offering will include 10 bi weekly bouquets of flowers, herbs, wildcrafted botanical beings, nourishment from the land and love from our hands.


All bouquets and bundles come wrapped in land dyed silk ribbon, a tangible expression of each season and a sweet keepsake from me to you in thanks. 

Beginning on June 12 weather permitting sharing biweekly until mid October. Of course this is all up to the cosmic force beyond our human knowing, we allow rest and repair to the land when needed and shares will be made up in whatever possible way. A CSA is also an offering of trust and support, allowing myself to expand the way the land holds community, investing in the year ahead, allowing my family to be fed as we plan for the abundant times. 

We can never be certain what a season may hold, in previous years on weeks the fields needed time to rest I have been able to offer various exchanges in their place or more love in the next weeks offering. This sort of exchange allows us all to work closer to the rhythms and needs of our planet, tuning ourselves to the connected fibers a bit closer. 

Additional CSA for BIPOC LBGQT+ will be available for free or sliding scale. If you would like to donate a CSA to a member of the community please mention in the notes of your purchase or email info@lovedreamland.com to spread the love beyond your being. Thank you for your support, it moves me breathless to be able to work with the soil and tend to seeds of hope, to invest in a soul calling which I do not believe I could survive this human life if I were doing anything else. Your support allows me to live in my highest truth while giving to all beings in reciprocity. I deeply appreciate that reality.