Soft Things for Hard Times: A Love Spell Immersive Experience

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What a dynamic time to navigate. As we all are facing many sides of reality it feels wildly important we, who can, create spaces of comfort, care and compassion.

Building off of a dream many years in the making this second wave of Soft Things for Hard Times feels ready. Join us for an afternoon of magic:

The land and I love you so much we are building you a bower. A nest, a soft space to land adorned in beauty offered from the earth. A moment in time to exhale, slowly, to take in your surroundings and intentionally access joy. This installation is just one part of this beautiful spell we are casting.

On February 13th we will gather to cast into the universe the future we seek. Nicole of Dreamland will be conjuring a natural dye ritual, where we adorn silk kerchiefs you will take home in romantic hues, to be our own sweet valentine or maybe to share with someone you love. During our dye ritual Nicole will also provide oracle card reading as Danni of Selenite and Sage will be soothing our spirits and animal bodies with meditation and sound healing. As we traverse these modalities of care our bower will be adorned with flowers and billowing silks with Kaitlyn Shrove of Emotive Exposure present to document a beautiful moment in space and time. Each individual will have a private photoshoot and 3 professional photographs in exchange. In a culture where we curate and capture so much why not do so with deep intention. This is an invitation to honor a moment in which we have all survived and that is rare, that is to be regarded deeply with love and awareness as well as taking pause to reflect on who we have become along the way. A time to sit within a structure made of pure love, breathe and say "I have arrived". 

We may not know where we are going or what is coming next but we can say here now I am trying my best, here now I am whole, here now however I am is enough. And so it is. 

Our bower will become a living art installation here at Dreamland where we will add and adorn throughout all the seasons together, capturing moments that are significant along the way.

All events will be fireside so we can stay warm and speak spells into reality. 

We are all here uncertain, so we turn to care, together.

This event is outdoors only and dependent on the Omicron/Covid surge to settle. If we are unable to gather we will again postpone until this is safe for all of our community. We are offering this event in two-time blocks with limited tickets to each. We ask that you wear a mask when in close proximity to others. We take community care seriously and desire to keep presenting everyone with moments of reflection, love and dream reality. In order to do that we will be taking every precaution necessary.

The event is structured as follows:

First block 10 am to 12 pm and our second block will be 2pm to 4pm 

We will be beginning promptly and following a flow that allows for all aspects of this events to be honored. 

10 am: Greeting, grounding tea and oracle card pull

10:15 am: Natural Dye Ritual

10:30 am: Dye, Meditation, Sound Healing

11 am: individual photoshoots begin

12 pm: Communal love spell fire ritual

We are an inclusive safe space, all of Dreamlands events are offered on a sliding scale and donation spaces are available. If you are in need of a different ticket price option please email

This event is priced as such to cover rising supply costs, time and energy spent to create and cultivate community. If you are able to contribute more please donate through venmo, paypal or leave a tip upon ticket purchase. All funds go toward practitioners' time, skill and offering as well as the land and what we are building. 

Please sign up for the newsletter and add your email with your purchase, the exact location of Dreamland is given only to ticket holders.