Seasonal Bioregional Body Oil

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Of the land, through my hands. 

A seasonally harvested, consciously conjured body oil infused with what the land provides in plenty. 

From foraged botanicals such as rose, rosehips, pine, spruce, plantain to mindfully grown plant beings like calendula, chamomile, hibiscus, borage, and more. 

Each body oil is crafted over several full moon rituals, from seed to root to bloom. The process is honored with patience and grace. 

Slowly infused and combined with non-comedogenic oils which support healthy, glowing skin. Caring for the physical vessel while supporting the spirit and the earth we walk upon. 

All creations are subject to change, as all things of this realm do. Components and offerings will be updated to reflect what the land has to give us. 

For several years these have been staples in seasonal body oils, with additional plants for each that vary. 

Winter: pine, rose, rose hip.

Spring: violet, dandelion, nettle. 

Midsummer: rose, calendula, chamomile, hibiscus, borage, plantain, lavender.

Autumn: calendula, borage, goldenrod.