Swan Song: Batch no. 3

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Hand poured beeswax, marigold and calendula pillar candle. 

 From the land through our hands:

Each season brings us back to this simple yet spacious reminder. 

Working together with the land, one another, and all the beings seen and unseen, to create a web of support, beauty, nourishment, and community for us all. 

Hand-poured local beeswax infused with Dreamland-grown marigold and calendula this candle serves as a reminder, a beacon of soft honey-hued light upon our lives as dark times arrive and winter sets in. Let us light a flame of magic within our homes and hearts.

Swan song candles are also infused with all the love, care, and soothing properties of calendula and serve dual purposes as a  spell and massage candle. Simply blow out the flame, allow the candle to cool a bit, and dip your finger in, like a child with a warm pad of butter, allowing yourself to revel in the amber glow. 


Each candle in hand poured at Dreamland in Eden Ny, the beeswax is local to the area and procured from a fellow small farm only 8 miles away. 

Burn time: 6 hours- never leave a flame unattended. please use discernment and intention when burning any candle, for your safety comes first always.