U pick Organic Blueberries

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Its time, as July arrives as warms the earth the organic blueberries are ripening, ready to be shared and enjoyed! 

This year we are continuing u-pick by appointment only, each ticket will hold your time and includes a small farm tour, and beverage of your choice (coffee, tea, herbal infused sparkling water). If you are unable to pay this fee and the cost of blueberries this ticket may cover 1lb of berries for those who need. If youre unable to pay either please email DreamlandofEden@gmail.com. 

Blueberries are offered on a sliding scale per pound. If you're able to contribute financially to support our efforts to be mutual aid-based, sliding scale will be $5-$10 per pound. 

Our blueberries are organic, never treated with pesticides, and taste so magical we cannot wait to share! 

Reminders that Dreamland is a wild space, a land based communal experience with farm fields, community gardens, wild life and more. Please dress for outdoors, it is a short bit of a walk from parking to berries, the pathway is mowed and easy terrain. Sunscreen, bugspray, water, snacks, a blanket or basket may serve you well as you spend your time enjoying the gift of berries in July. Please make yourself comfortable during your time and take in the space at your leisure.

Each appointment will be spaced so folx can expand and relax while honoring that it is still a pandemic and we are committed to keeping one another as safe as we can considering. 

See you on the farm!