• A soft place to land.

    come on in

Welcome home...

Dreamland: a garden for the new world.

A landscape that supports biodiversity, care, and the collective chorus singing us home.

As we expand, dissolve, and rebirth continuously there is a deep need for space and support to cultivate the world we see in our dreams. From ancestor prayers to healing the spiral of time. Dreamland is in devotion to us all, every earth being. Creating space for Indigenous BIPOC LGBQT+ (and all) folx to rest, revive, connect and be free. The vision has been spun like a web over and over in my lifetime. As I gain experience, perspective and ability, I am called to service wholeheartedly. And now that the land has arrived... Growing medicines for mind, spirit and body. A place for earthlings to receive what they need, accessible and communal, the fullest expression of love.

Love from Our Community

"The garments you dyed for me made me feel special and cherished when I wear them."


Love from Our Community

"You and your work always make me feel special and loved (seriously) 🙌 "


Love from Our Community

"Big feelings! Color magic! Intentional medicine! You're a gift!"

Sarah B.

Feeling exchange

"You've always made me feel powerful, dreamy, and inspired. I'm so thankful."

Ana C.


We are now one year on the land, holding the vision as our lantern, lighting the way with each choice we make. Dreamland is a collective, where all are welcome, this space allows us to be embodied wholeheartedly in our human nature as we explore and create a reality which sustains each of us lovingly, always. The seen and unseen, considering all earth beings every step of the journey. Rooted in rich biodiversity, honoring, reciprocity and care. We hope to see you soon, there is always a space here for you to come home to.....

Gift Card

For yourself or someone you adore. A way to share the gifts of the land, from here to there. xoxo