The Dream

Formerly Sage & Arrow, new life has been woven into an old dream.

Svanur, meaning Swan in old norse, is the rebirth of Sage +& Arrow into a beautiful new creature.

 Svanur weaves together a deeper calling, a true listening to my spirit. Higher quality products, steeped in folk herbalism, following the roots that have led me to this path. 

Sage & Arrow provided three years of abundant growth, constant exposure to new knowledge + a clear vision of what I needed from my life's work. As I tuned into myself each night I heard a soft whisper, which turned into a loud, demanding roar. The death of what no longer serves me to leave room for a future I desire. From here the motion of Svaunr began. Plant wisdom + petal play is the work that fulfills my heart the most, a covenant with Mother Earth as my hands combine herbs, flowers, salts, clays + oils into nourishing care for mind, body + spirit. A company founded on self care, I had to listen to what that meant for myself. We are presented with thousands of moments each day where we can focus, listen and honor or disconnect and distance ourselves from our inner longing. Svanur provides each customer with a moment, to not only treat your body but to pause and breathe into your present self. In a world where we are rushed from minute to minute, it is ever important to slow, when we can, if only for just a moment.

As my business grows I am dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients, learning and ever evolving into the abundance of the natural world. A promise to focus inward, so each and every offering is of the highest vibration. 

Follow along as I share monthly product highlights, herbal + plant wisdom, DIY skincare projects, poetry + a dear diary where I will share behind the scenes musings. 

Thank you for supporting my dream weaving, I am honored + so grateful to have you here. 


Welcome to Svanur! 




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