Babes of the Cosmic Goo Crewneck

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we are all in the constantly evolving, into the unseen, together.

A phrase which has crossed my tongue like a song over many years as I witness self, land, collective dive deep into mystery, instar after instar, in a galaxy so vast, we cannot fully comprehend. 

As the catapillar releases itself to its cacoon, a transformation so great, it truly turns to goo. That moldable, mysterious, painstaking, beautiful goo. We have been there too. As earth beings we are constantly being born, growing, dying and waking anew. It is the way and language of our very home planet.  Everything comes to and end and then possibility unfurls. 

Be gentle to yourself, its a wild ride. 

Each crewneck can be custom dyed to suit your energetic, elemental and spirit led needs. Conjured on new and full moon in color magick ceremony.

Made to order, one of a kind, love from the land.